Bikram Yoga Stockton
2341 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95204
209.948.YOGA (9642)

Bikram Yoga Lodi
1110 W. Kettleman Lane, Suite 46
Lodi, CA 95240
209.368.YOGA (9642)

First Time Students

Congratulations on your choice to try Bikram yoga for the first time! Please come in with an open mind about what you are going to experience. There is no profile or level of ability, anyone can do it and all levels attend the same class. You don’t have to be flexible or in good shape to take your first class. Bikram yoga is so much more than a workout. All you have to do is experience your first class and discover what Bikram Yoga can do for you.

All classes are 90 minutes and are performed in front of a mirror. The teacher does not perform the postures during the class. The teacher will guide you through class with respect and compassion and give you all the motivation you need!

Prior to Class

Before coming to class, it is beneficial to follow these guidelines to get the best results from your yoga class.

  • New students, please arrive 10-15 minutes early.
  • Doors lock promptly at class start time. Arrive early.
  • Bring a bottle of water, yoga mat and large towel. These items available to rent at studio.
  • Wear light workout clothing. You will be doing a lot of sweating.
  • Hydration is very important, so drink plenty of water during the day.
  • Avoid eating 2 to 3 hours before class.

Studio Etiquette

For the preservation of the Bikram Yoga Stockton Community please follow the studio policies:

  • No shoes, gum, cell phones or personal belongings in the yoga room.
  • Come to class with clean feet and body. No perfume.
  • Listen to the teacher and move together with the class.
  • Water only in yoga room.
  • Move quietly in the classroom and remain silent during and after class.
  • Avoid leaving the room during class.
  • Practice stillness in between postures.
  • No hand towels.

Top 10 Reasons to Practice at Bikram Yoga Stockton

1. De-Stress - Practicing Bikram Yoga will help you accomplish one of the most important things for good health: de-stressing the body. Stress is the cause of a lot of diseases including infectious diseases by compromising and suppressing the immune system. Through deep breathing and deep stretching you can de-stress the body tremendously thus keeping you vibrant, energetic and healthy.

2. Detoxify - Bikram Yoga facilitates the process of detoxification mentally, physically and emotionally. The sweat, breath and circulation are the three major components that work together to rid the body of acidity, toxins, heavy metals, impurities, and stale negative energy. Every time you practice Bikram Yoga it is like acquiring a brand new body!

3. Weight Loss and Toning - Melt away fat and burn calories by increasing your metabolism and heart rate. Bikram Yoga has incredible cardiovascular benefits that will help you tone up and loose inches. Keep in mind, unlike other forms of exercise, Bikram Yoga changes the body from the inside out. You systematically improve the body one cell at a time thus supporting the body systems to reach optimal function. This process takes some time but once the body is balanced you will experience a variety of effects including improved body weight, muscle development, a loss of inches and an even distribution of weight. All of this along with an overall enhancement of body image and body awareness will certainly motivate and inspire you to keep coming back.

4. Sleep - One of the most beneficial benefits from Bikram Yoga is good sleep. Good sleep supports good health. Your sleep wake cycle will improve as well as the quality of your sleep. Try Bikram Yoga and sleep like a baby, wake up like a Champion!

5. Energy = Movement - Bikram Yoga will increase your energy levels thus creating more space in your body and mind to feel lighter, freer, and clearer. Lack of movement/circulation is one of the main reasons we get sick, stiff and stressed. Bikram Yoga truly eliminates this issue by increasing the circulation system aided by the respiratory system and together they become a natural irrigation for the body. Effectively you are using your own blood, breath and sweat to clean from the inside out leaving you less restricted to move about your day.

6. Concentration/Focus - Bikram Yoga requires and builds huge concentration levels which are necessary to practice the postures. This focus can be applied to your everyday life, making your yoga practice work for you beyond the mat. The level of satisfaction accomplished after every class is priceless and builds confidence, trust, determination and patience.

7. Good Skin - Bikram Yoga does wonders for the largest organ in our bodies: the skin. It will be one of the most noticeable changes by reversing the aging process keeping you glowing from the inside out.

8. Yoga and Science - Bikram Yoga is a systematic approach to revitalizing, rejuvenating and reorganizing the body. Every posture prepares you for the next by evenly distributing the benefits throughout the body. Nothing gets left out. And through the help of science and nature we can explain the internal changes and benefits of each 26 poses and 2 breathing techniques.

9. The Heat - The heat is a tool just like your yoga mat. It is one factor out of many that promotes healing. Specific reasons for the heat include: recreating the natural environment of India where yoga originates, expediting the healing process by improving the circulation system, burning calories, promoting deep breathing, creating a cardiovascular workout and releasing toxins through sweat. It also protects the body and encourages the muscles, ligaments and tendons to stretch. Additionally, the heat strengthens and enhances your mental capacity which allows you to truly tap into your fullest potential!

10. The Community - Bikram Yoga Stockton is one of the most welcoming, thriving, and cleanest Bikram Yoga studios in the country. All teachers work hard to keep up their own yoga practice and knowledge thru personal and professional development. Bikram Yoga Stockton is committed to the highest quality of teaching in every class. We pride ourselves in establishing authentic connections with our community.



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